Our goals

Striving for a better future

Hemp based products are becoming more widely known as technology advances and individuals began to realize the versatility of this plant. Hemp is a renewable plant that once grown not only produces a harvestable plant but also provides nutrients to the soil and absorbs significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere making the collection of carbon points a viable source of income in the future.

River Valley Hemp has developed a micro decortication processing unit allowing us process hemp material much more efficiently than many other companies in this space. These units will also facilitate access remote farms instead of having to haul the material to one of our facilities.

The ability to provide contract farming opportunities to communities will give access to farmers to grow this product without the need to purchase all of the necessary equipment normally associated with hemp farming. Other options will include turnkey packages where we will provide all necessary equipment to harvest and process the plant.

River Valley Hemp to provide high quality affordable hemp-based products to North America. With well over 50,000 uses and products the hemp plant can be used for,