The hemp plant

Additional Information

The hemp plant dates back 12,000 years. The plant’s ability to become self-sustaining/renewable and durable has ensured this crop is here to stay and can grow anywhere in the world with the exception of the North and South poles.  The plant grows approximately 4.5’ to 16’, has a narrow stem and the stock and is leafy, and has a high production of seeds. The hemp plant is our number one choice for a renewable/sustainable energy crop.  The hemp seeds are planted and are ready to harvest in 100 to 120 Days.  

Did you know

  • Hemp foods are high in protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, and will be gluten free 
  • Hemp outgrows wood fiber and has has a growing ratio of 4 to 1 compared to wood. 
  • Hemp is 70% more absorbent Than wood based alternatives 
  • The Hemp plant has a 1:1 ratio on Co2 hydrocarbon sequestration
  • Hemp is a renewable, sustainable bio product!